Welcome to Magnolia Grill

The Magnolia Grill, a favorite eatery of locals and tourists alike, is located on Silver Street in Historic (and somewhat notorious) Natchez Under-the-Hill. Back in the day of the steamship paddle-wheelers, the Under-the-Hill district was home to the roughest groups of folks around – gamblers, prostitutes, drunkards and all types of criminals. Now it consists of only our beloved Silver Street which is home to the Magnolia Grill, the Under-the-Hill Saloon, and the city’s only riverboat casino, as well as a few other
historic buildings.

Enjoy your meal while watching the mighty Mississippi River roll by from our glassed in deck or come sit in the comfortable main dining room and catch the game on the big screen over the bar.

We love kids at the Magnolia, so please bring them along for a family outing. Dining at the Magnolia is a casual affair – shorts and t-shirts are welcomed. Service is good, friendly, down-home and genuine – true Southern hospitality.



Magnolia Grill - Natchez, MS
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